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White and Company, Your Small Business Connectionand a resource for your small business marketing needs. 

White and Company provides a host of customized services designed to help your company reach the important and ever-growing small business market by providing management tools and information small businesses and entrepreneurs need to not only grow but to thrive.Small Business Connection and resource for you small business marketing needs.

Our clients include banks and financial institutions that understand that it is important to be viewed as a provider of helpful information and not just a funds provider. This is important because it shows the customers that the bank actually cares about them. Government agencies, insurance companies, accounting firms, non-profits such as SCORE and the Small Business Development Centers, small business associations, and non-bank business lenders among others have found our products and services to be very effective.
Whether your goal is to increase customer retention, new business development, cross selling, or providing entrepreneurial assistance, we can help. Any and all of our products and services are customized for your organization.

The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.


~ George Washington ~

Basics for Veterans Our Mission Is Your Transition


Basics For Veterans™ will assist
transitioning troops and veterans in
a variety of ways.
Whether it be in starting — or
restarting — a business or in finding
employment, Basics For Veterans
can help in a variety of ways, easing
the tough transition from military to
civilian life.  We can help a start-up
or existing business as well as the
job-seeker in need of a resume and
interviewing techniques.
A full-color workbook in magazine
format, Basics For Veterans will
be published online for ease of
accessibility, thereby reaching


the hundreds of thousands of
transitioning troops who will benefit
from an information-filled, up-to-date resource. Basics For Veterans
will also link to an ever increasing list
of websites in the areas of business,
government, education and the
military that, combined, receive more
than 100 million unique views annually.
In addition to links connecting the
reader with firms highlighted in the
workbook, each page will link to the
most popular social media as well.
Full-page ads will feature audio and
video, real-time editing capability
and dynamic tracking system.
Sponsorship and advertising options
limited to five organizations — each
granted industry-specific exclusivity
— make the workbook even more appealing to advertisers.
Precisely targeted to reach the
300,000- plus troops transitioning annually from service into civilian life, in addition to the National Guard and Reservists, Basics For Veterans will provide an invaluable service to all veterans, whether they are unemployed, underemployed, or entrepreneurs creating the jobs of the future.
For further information and to learn about sponsorship and advertising opportunities. please contact
Steve White, 800-742-1075 or via email steve@whiteandcompany.com




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